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For over 40 years our family-managed company has been active in the field of machine and equipment construction. In addition to other sectors one has become a particular focal point: Floor conveying equipment. Our range of performance in this sector has three main pillars:


  • Development and production of special transport vehicles
  • High quality general overhaul of forklift components
  • Delivery service for forklift parts

In each of these three areas, you can expect particular service from WOLPERS-TECHNIK. Our special transport vehicles are tailor-made for special applications.

  • Based on your requirements
  • Developed with good practical ideas on the one hand
  • Implemented with solid know-how on the other
  • And also with a price/benefit ratio you will like


Take a glance at the examples on our brochure page on this subject.

This may have already happened to you: A forklift goes on strike and you receive the information that the effective component can no longer be repaired and will have to be replaced completely. In such cases, please read our brochure page on the good reasons for high-quality component rebuilding at WOLPERS-TECHNIK.

And when you need prompt, economical parts for your forklift?
You will also discover advantages with our offer. It is worthwhile for your company.

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